Common Services

In a global market where solutions are too often cloned following a one-size-fits-all model, AK Professional offers a real alternative with tailor-made and innovative solutions in compliance with national and international regulations.

Total System Integration

As leading ICT Integrators, we at AK Professional have a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and project managers to plan, prepare, design, implement/integrate, manage, support and audit increasingly complex technologies of modern communication era.

Engineering, Design & Deployment

In this era of highly converged voice, video, and data networks, locating the right product is only one step towards destination. The other key factors include personnel, skill sets, lab and test equipment and time to rollout etc. All of these contribute to a significant investment in deploying and maintaining an efficient scalable network.
Design & Documentation, Installation & Configuration, Health Assessment, Audit & Tuning, Site Preparation, Physical Infrastructure Laying, Maintenance Contracts / SLAs

Pre-Defined Service Modules

Beyond our end-to-end capabilities in delivering professional services to you on an as-needed basis, we also have pre-defined professional service modules based on customer requirements. AK Professional’s offerings stretch across a value continuum of service functions.

Support and Maintenance

We are primed to provide businesses with a wealth of choice; from outsourced activities to the management of network elements, infrastructure and equipment, whilst providing full visibility, access and strategic control at all times.

Managed Services

AK Professional offers a full portfolio of professional services that can help you manage your network infrastructure in the most economical way, improving your business continuity and meeting your business performance objectives.

Custom Services

Our professional services panel brings you customized services for planning, designing, implementation and optimization of IT/ telecom and infrastructure solutions for your business needs.

Flexible Approach

Our flexible approach to service and maintenance means you can tap into the services that are only right for your business needs; whether this is a fully outsourced managed service or a technical escalation path and hardware replacements, AK Professional services are here to give you the choice around the maintenance of systems and/or network elements.

24×7 Monitoring Services

You will no longer need to worry about resources, spare parts and 24 x 7 monitoring – AK Professional support can take care of everything seamlessly on your behalf.


Consultancy practice helps reduce the costs and risks associated with large-scale projects because in the business world, nothing stands still for long and companies need to constantly reinvent themselves if they are to keep pace – they need to regularly review and reengineer their processes, and model them efficiently within the new ICT landscape. To achieve the most out of your existing systems and networks, we can identify both the risks and opportunities available, recommending an array of approaches and solutions to maximize your budget and ICT potential.

We draw our strength from many years’ working in the ICT space and a successful track record of delivering many large-scale projects of utmost national importance. Our expert consultants are experienced and possess a comprehensive skillset, covering strategy, organization and technology.

Training Services

AK Professionl delivers both standard and customized/bespoke training courses for a wide range of technology vendors. We deliver skills to locals from any part of the world via innovative methodologies that comprise of lectures and dedicated access to equipment.

Audit Services

An organization’s ICT capacity is its ability to process information and enhance communication through the use and development of technology. We can assist you in establishing your company’s ICT capacity through our ICT Audit service which allows you to have a clearer picture about your ICT needs.